"Describe yourself in three words."

I get asked this all the time during interviews. People love short and sweet bios, don't they? My three words are hard-working, fastidious, and responsible. Try saying that five times fast.

Hard-working because I work hard (duh). Fastidious because I'm obsessed with details. Responsible because I get my work done. When you hire an employee, you normally focus on their experience. But what about their personality? Anyone can hire someone to be a cog in a machine. I'm not a lifeless cog. I'm the exuberant crank that turns the whole thing.

I've lived in Ohio since I was born, jumping briefly to Richmond, VA, while I went to college at Xavier in Cincinnati. During my college career, I worked hard. I had 5 part-time jobs at one point on top of stage managing multiple shows for the theatre department and taking classes. No one can say I didn't put in the effort.

My writing was primarily concentrated in journalism thanks to my time spent at Xavier Newswire. However, I also picked up web content creation, social media management, project management, marketing copywriting, and customer service through my other jobs and projects. I'm the full package with a bag of chips.

Post-grad, I'm currently working freelance as a proofreader for The Author Incubator and a writer for Lobster Marketing Group. I'm seeking a full-time writing job. Hopefully, that's why you're here. And if not, that's cool too. Thanks for reading up on me!

Reach Out to Me

See something you like? Want to hire me for a super fun full-time or freelance job? Send me an email below. (Feel free to tell me how awesome my portfolio is, too.)

Helpful information to include is your company name and position name (if applicable). I respond quickly!

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