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Social Media Samples

Most people would probably put links to their previous social media posts on their portfolio. I'm not those people. I pulled 7 weird headlines out of a hat and wrote a social media post for them without even looking at the article. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Minnesota Deputies Reel In Women Stranded On Waterborne Unicorn

Obviously, Minnesota PD hasn't heard of narwhals. How did these two unfortunate women end up that far out in the water on their colorful friend?

Spanish Man Builds 60-Foot Spaceship To Visit Planet From His Novels

Writers will do anything to promote their new novel. But travelling to a fictional planet in a homemade rocket ship? That's reaching new heights.

Family Seeks Photographer To Travel With Them For $100,000

It's the job posting of your dreams! Wanna travel to exotic locations and sip margaritas while snapping photos? This British couple is looking for you!

Purrfect Job: Russian Town Hires Cat Chief To Attend To Strays

Duties include lots of petting, chasing them down across the city for bath time, and reprimanding them for knocking over another flower pot.

Oops - Ignore That Email Invitation To A Cookie Monster Cat Party, U.S. Embassy Says

Maybe this is secretly the key to world peace. How could anyone argue about trade policy while wearing a Cookie Monster onesie and petting an adorable kitty?

Runaway Pig Lured Home By Deputy's Doritos

He's probably not the first, and he probably won't be the last. This swine made a hasty getaway but couldn't resist the allure of those crunchy triangles.

An Upside-Down Hotel Shower Is The Travel Nightmare You Did not Know You Had To Worry About

That's not something you want to list on the website!