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Let me guess. You're a recruiter and you wanna see what I can do. Maybe I even directed you here. Or, perhaps you magically stumbled upon me in true internet fashion. I'm down with it all. Shall we start?

Scroll down for my curated presentation. Or, if you want to know more about me as a person, check out my Biography. If you want to request something I can't provide here, shoot me an email using the contact form at the bottom of each page. I'm glad to provide whatever you need.

Best Works

Looking for a quick peek at what I do best? My talent is infusing personality and strong opinions into my writing. If I write something, I make sure you know I wrote it.

Trever is a hard worker with creative ideas, and he is always open to feedback. Consistent and reliable, his work as a copy editor was much appreciated and contributed greatly to the overall quality of the paper.

Jessica Griggs, Communications Specialist at Global Cellulose Fibers

Content Writing

Any chimpanzee can sit down at a computer and type out a standard-issue blog or social media post. I'm not your average chimp. I deliver high-quality, well-edited, and remarkable copy. Simple as that.

He fosters a productive work environment through optimism and rigor, and is excellent at keeping on schedule even when under pressure.

Soondos Mulla-Ossman, Software Engineering Intern at Argonne National Library

Creative Writing

My specialization with creative writing is a strong focus on unique, diverse, and complex characters and their interactions. Roles with a storytelling focus are perfect for me. Representation matters, and I include minority characters at every opportunity.

His writing watered my crops, cleared my acne, and sold my unwanted antiques on eBay. I'm truly grateful for his work.

You, potentially


Writers spend more time editing than they do writing. Tearing your work to shreds isn't easy, but I don't bat an eyelash at it. I hold myself to incredibly high editing standards and can transform copy into a work of art. I'm so fastidious and thorough that I perform editing surgery on anything not up to my standards. As a tester, I have a sharp eye for mistakes and I make sure to comprehensively document any changes necessary. Below are books and games that I've provided proofreading and/or testing for.

Get in Touch or Request More Samples

You made it to the end! If you liked what you saw and would like to contact me about employment opportunities or freelance work, or if you'd like to request additional samples, please send me a message below. I have plenty of samples that I can't post publicly but can share privately. 

Helpful info to include is your company name and position name (if applicable). I respond quickly!

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